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Yüzyıl is a publication accompanying Galeri Nev’s celebratory exhibition for the hundredth birthday of the Turkish artist Abidin Dino. To capture the intimacy of Dino’s original drawings, the design of the book is inspired by artist notebooks. The cover is screen-printed.
Published by Galeri Nev, Ankara, 2013.

Altyazı is a Turkish monthly movie magazine that focuses on film analysis and critique. Between 2012 and 2013, I’ve worked as a graphic designer and an illustrator for the magazine.
In collaboration with Okay Karadayılar.

The new design for the Horror Annual supplement of Altyazı.
In collaboration with Okay Karadayılar.

Editorial illustrations for Altyazı:
1 - Mert Fırat
2 - Kathryn Bigelow
3 - Lee Byung-hun
4 - Denis Lavant as Monsieur Merde
5 - Terrence Malick
6 - Special effects of Cuarón’s Gravity

Inspired by the Gezi Protests that happened in the previous month, Altyazı’s Summer Issue’s theme was “resistance”. Visuals for the editorial pages are referring to the torn street posters around Taksim, during the demonstrations.

Catalogue design for the exhibition of Sarp Evliyagil collection, Menzil.
Published by M1886, Ankara, 2013.

Series of catalogues for the art gallery, x-ist.
Published by x-ist, Istanbul, 2013.

Title design for Aslı Çavusoglu’s video, Murder in Three Acts. A large-scale banner was also commissioned for the entrance of Delfina Foundation, where the screening took place. Joint project of Delfina Foundation and Frieze Projects, 2012-2013.

Illustrations for the pamphlet that accompanies the artist Can Altay’s Distributed project in Frieze Projects East 2012. Since William Morris is a key figure in Altay’s project’ the illustrations reference to the style of the Arts and Crafts movement. Pamphlet design by Future Anecdotes Istanbul. Printed in two colours, Istanbul.
Distributed in London, 2012.

Catalogue design for Nermin Kura’s Ser exhibition.
Published by Galeri Nev, Ankara, 2013.

1 - Promotion video for the short film festival in Ankara.
      Organized by yumusak g. Collaboration with Deniz Tekkul.
      Duration: 0’30”. Digital HD.
      Music: Grangulez. Screened in Tenedos, Ankara, 2011
2 - Film Still
3 - Film Still
4 - Poster design for the event night.

Series of catalogues for the art gallery, Empire Project.
Published by The Empire Project, Istanbul, 2013.

1, 2 - Redesign of the Turkish Journal of Psychiatry.
Published by Türkiye Sinir ve Ruh Saglıgı Dernegi, Ankara, 2011.
3 - The logo for Türkiye Sinir ve Ruh Saglıgı Dernegi

Riso print in two colours, on Mohawk Superfine paper, London, 2012.

Mehmet Ulusahin is a graphic designer based in London.

Since finishing his Masters Degree in Illustration and Animation, Kingston University, London, he has worked in a variety of projects, ranging in different fields of the creative industry, such as print design, illustration and animation.


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